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Types of Skates used in Aggressive Inline Skating

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Not normal kinds of Skates can be used for Aggressive Inline Skating and there are specially made inline skates that are used for this. These skates can absorb high levels of stress and thus it enables the rider to perform his or her stunts and tricks with efficiency.

Types of Skates used in Aggressive Inline Skating

Before going into the types of skates which are used to perform the Aggressive Inline Skating, let us have a brief look on what kinds of parts are used to make these skates.

Parts of Skates used in Aggressive Inline SkatingTypes of Skates used in Aggressive Inline Skating

  • Cuff – To support the ankle and it comes with an adjustable strap
  • Shell – It is kind of a boot which is made of a high impact plastic and it is surrounded to protect the feet.
  • Liner – for soft inner boot.
  • Soul Plate – Made out of hard plastic and it is located on the sole of the boot.
  • Negative Soul Plate – Another hard plastic plate, but it is located on the inner sole of the boot.
  • Frame – A hard plastic chassis for the wheels of the skate.
  • Backslide Plate – Kind of a grinding area flush which is attached to the soul plate, near the middle of the boot and it will be used for grinding on the boot.
  • Wheels – They can be either two or four made out of polyurethane with the bearings.
  • Anti Rocker Wheels – Two plastic wheels that sometimes replace the two inner wheels.

Remember, each of the parts mentioned above is replaceable and many manufacturers also sell all these parts separately as well.


Frames are actually the chassis of the skate and it is fixed on the bottom of the skate. The performers grind on the frames and these frames are made especially for this purpose only.


Wheels made out of polyurethane are getting developed as many times as the material itself gets developed by the polymer industry. The approximate diameter of aggressive skate wheels is around 54 to 60 mm.

Anti Rocker Wheels

The difference between Wheels and Anti Rocker wheels is that these wheels have high hardness and it has a diameter of 40 to 47 mm. With a higher diameter, the anti rocker wheels help the performer to grind more especially on curbs and ledges.

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