Thursday, February 2, 2023

All about the Valhalla Golf Club

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The Valhalla Golf Club has its own importance, not because it has hosted some of the biggest golf tournaments over the years, but because it has been designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus. The Valhalla Golf Club is situated on the east of Louisville in Kentucky and it is a private golf club. It was designed by, as we have just mentioned, the great Jack Nicklaus and was opened in 1986. Just six years later the Valhalla Golf Club was chosen to host one of the four major golf tournament, then PGA Championship in 1992, the actual tournament took place in 1996 at this very golf course.

All about the Valhalla Golf Club

One year after the selection the PGA of America purchased a 25% interest in the Valhalla Golf Club and later, after the successful hosting of the PGA Championships of 1996, the PGA of America raised its share to 50% and also announced that the club will host the PGA Championship again in the year 2000. If this was not enough the Valhalla Golf Club has also got the honor to host the Ryder Cup in 2008. One bigger tournament, the PGA Club Professional Championship was also hosted by this golf club in the year 2004. The Senior PGA Championship was also held in 2009 at the Valhalla Golf Club. So all in all, the entire club has a major role in hosting some of the biggest golf tournaments in the recent past.

The Valhalla Golf Club is situated on a 486 acre area on the Shelbyville Road (US 60) in the eastern portion of Louisville, just outside the Gene Snyder Freeway (I-265). The golf course was a dream of a local businessman Dwaight Gahm.

The Valhalla Golf Course has seen many good and great players winning the various big tournaments here. Like Mike Brooks winning the 1996 PGA Championship, Tiger Woods winning the same title in 2002. Hale Irwin won the Senior PGA Championship in 2004 and Tom Watson won the feat in 2011. The Valhalla Golf Club has also seen the rare Ryder Cup win by the Team United States in the year 2008. Rory McIlroy the current World No.1 won his second major of 2014, the PGA Championship at this very golf course as well.

All 18 holes have given different names at the Valhalla Golf Course

  1. Cut the Corner
  2. The Ridge
  3. Floyds Fork
  4. Short ‘n Sweet
  5. Fade Away
  6. The Bear
  7. Players Pick
  8. Thor’s Hammer
  9. The Rise
  10. Turns
  11. On the Edge
  12. Odin’s Revenge
  13. The Island
  14. Two Tears
  15. On the Rocks
  16. Down the Stretch
  17. No Mercy
  18. Gahm Over
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