WWE Superstar Profile: John Cena


John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper and actor signed to WWE. Cena is the public face of WWE, and has been it’s franchise player since 2005. He is a polarizing figure among pro wrestling fans, despite playing a heroic character for the majority of his career.

John Cena Stats

Cena began his pro wrestling career in 1999 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where he held the UPW Heavyweight Championship. Cena signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later renamed to WWE) in 2001, and was launched on the main roster in 2002. As of January 2015, Cena has won 22 championships, with a record 12 reigns as WWE Champion/WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 3 reigns as World Heavyweight Champion, 3 reigns as WWE United States Champion, and a four-time Tag Team Champion (2 World Tag Team, and 2 WWE Tag Team). He also emerged victorious in the 2012 Money in the Bank ladder match. He has the fourth-highest number of combined days as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, only behind Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Hulk Hogan. He has also headlined WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania on 5 occasions (WrestleManias 22, 23, XXVII, XXVIII, and 29) during the course of his career.

Outside of wrestling, Cena had released the rap album You Can’t See Me on May 10, 2005, which debuted at No.15 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and he also starred in feature films The Marine (2006), 12 Rounds (2009), and Legendary (2010). Cena has also made appearances on television shows including Manhunt, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, Saturday Night Live, Punk’d, and Psych. Cena was also a participant on Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race, where he made it to the final round before being eliminated, coming 3rd in the overall competition.

Early life
Cena was born on 23rd April, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, the son of Carol and John Cena, Sr. He is the 2nd oldest of 5 brothers: Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean. His maternal grandfather was baseball player Tony Lupien. After graduating from Cushing Academy, Cena attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. In college he was a Division III All-American center on the college football team, wearing the number 54, which is still used on some of his WWE merchandise. He graduated from Springfield in 1998 with a degree in exercise physiology, after which he pursued a career in bodybuilding and even worked as a driver for a limousine company.