At the 1000th match of SmackDown, a match was teased for WrestleMania 35 between Triple H and Batista. But according to the recent rumors the plans for this dream match might have been cancelled due to Triple H’s pectoral muscle injury at Crown Jewel PPV (Pay-Per-View).

Here is a list of 3 rumors that we hope are true and 5 rumors that we hope are not.

8. Bobby Lashley v/s The Rock (Hope Not)

With Roman Reigns battling Leukaemia, he wont be fighting against The Rock on WrestleMania 35. With Bobby Lashley making his comeback in the WWE, he hasn’t been upto the mark. Instead of Lashley, there should be some other superstar who should be given a chance. For a suggestion we can give a chance to Elias, The Brahma Bull which will attract more viewers.

7. Brock Lesnar v/s Drew McLntyre and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania (Hope True)

We have been hearing from a long time that Braun Strowman will dethrone Brock and take away the championship. Other than Braun, we have two names who can compete with Lesnar; Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins, in a triple threat match or either of them facing Lesnar.

6. HBK Shawn Michaels v/s The Undertaker (Hope Not)

Triple H and HBK won against the duo of Undertaker and Kane. With them ageing, it definitely won’t be a great idea to see them against each other on the WrestleMania platform.

5. Brock Lesnar v/s The Rock (Hope True)

We have seen them together in 2002. Since then they haven’t shared the WrestleMania ring. But now it seems they will share the ring during their fight in WWE UNIVERSAL Championship on line. Due to Roman Reigns ruled out, they might get the “The Great One” which will be as great move.

4. Chris Jericho no more in WWE (Hope Not)

The last time we saw Chris Jericho was earlier this year in the Greatest Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Bruan Strowman. Success of his Jericho Cruise could be the reason for him to be seen anywhere in the WWE now on.

3. Brock Lesnar to work after WrestleMania 35 (Hope Not)

Lesnar will be fighting for his title only at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania next year where it is doubtful that he will retain it. And maybe his plans to stay at the WWE post the WrestleMania, he might not lose it either.

2. Batista v/s Triple H (Hope Not)

The greatest match for all the WWE fans, Batista v/s Triple H can be ruled out after Triple H followed a muscle injury at Crown Jewel PPV. With this news, this match will just remain a dream for all the fans.

1. Kevin Owen to return before WrestleMania (Hope True)

Following a double-knee injury recently, we are doubtful that he will play soon. But reports suggest that Kevin Owens’ will soon into be action and will play the WrestleMania. Or even it might be a shocking entry before the WrestleMania.


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