Thursday, March 30, 2023

10 Important Facts About French Open You Like To Know

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This year’s French Open is just round the corner and we at Sportycious felt that this is the best time for us to unveil a few of the important factors of World’s second Grand Slam of the year. Do not forget to give your views ok?

Fact 1 – The name ‘French Open’ is more popular across the world, but do you know what the French call their most loved Grand Slam? They call is ‘Roland Garros’ in French and till now we believe that it is the venue’s name!

Fact 2 – The tournament began in 1891 and it was open for males only. Only after 6  years that is in 1897 Women were allowed to participate in the tournament.

Fact 3 – Do we have any idea from where this name Roland Garros came from? Actually Roland Garros was a French aviator who was the first flier who fly over the Mediterranean sea. He also fought in the World War I. The most important part about this fact is that he also invented machine gun through the propeller he was having. Amazing, isn’t it?

Fact 4 – From 1939 to 1945 the tournament could not take place because of the ongoing World War I. Although unofficial tournament was going on during the each year of that period and which actually helped the French to keep their spirits high. One more important thing about this is that only French nationals were allowed to play in this unofficial tournament.

Fact 5 – The size of the Roland Garros is not even half of the other three Grand Slams! But hang on there is a major renovation expected to take place in 2016!!

Fact 6 – The tournament became Open for both the professionals and amateurs in the year 1968 so that both of them can compete with each other on equal terms.

Fact 7 – Yannick Noah was the first African American player to win the Men’s title of the French Open in 1983.

Fact 8 – Only two men and three women from France have won their home tournament till now. Last man was Yannick Noah in 1983 (he became a French national before) and Marie Pierce in 2000.

Fact 9 – Roland Garros was built in 1928 as there was no other place in France available for the rematch of France Vs USA Davis Cup and ever since the famous Red Clay has been laid.

Fact 10Athea Gibson became the first African American to win the French Open Ladies Single’s title. She even won the doubles title that year. Athea Gibson is also the first African American who won the Wimbledon as well.

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