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5 Best Golf Ball Washer In 2021

As the name suggests, a golf washer, also known as a golf shagger, is an equipment used for cleaning the dirty golf balls. Golf balls consist of a dimple surface so that their aerodynamic properties are improved, resulting in increasing both distance and control which are primarily used on grassy surfaces and therefore tend to collect dirt and grass easily, which could adversely affect their aerodynamic characteristics.Ball washers are typically found on golf courses and on some, there are washers at every hole. Balls are usually inspected for dirt and are washed, if required before play to maintain their aerodynamic properties. 

How Does The Golf Ball Washer Work?

Ball washers are either operated manually or electrically. For cleaning individual balls, the ball washer consists of a cylindrical housing where the ball is inserted which needs to be cleaned. The cleaning of the ball will take place through circular brushes. For cleaning a larger number of golf balls, machines that are used will suck up the ball like a vacuum cleaner, wash them with some detergent and then put them into a separate net afterward, the cleaned balls will directly go in the ball dispenser machine.

Best Golf Ball Washer & Product Description

  • Four Pack Portable Pocket Golf Ball Washer 
  • PuttPack Divot Tool & Pocket Golf Ball Washer
  • Golf Ball Cleaner & portable ball washer
  • Club Clean Club & Ball Cleaner
  • Universal Golf Ball Club & Ball Cleaners

Here’s a description of above mentioned products:

Four Pack Portable Pocket Golf Ball Washer

  • Package includes:4 x Golf Ball Pocket Washer Pouch
  • Comes with a plastic clip for carrying
  • Product size: 4 (H) x 3.8 (W) inches
  • Combine different outer and liner materials that keep inside wet, outside dry for convenient usage.
  • Designed for cleaning golf ball

PuttPack Divot Tool & Pocket Golf Ball Washer

  • HIGH QUALITY – This golf divot repair tool is built with premium all-metal construction, making the golf accessory extremely durable. Magnetic marker strength is super strong so you never lose your pace.
  • EASY TO CARRY – Both products are of perfect size and weight. Comes with a Clip
  • MICROFIBER LINER –  cleans the ball easily & effectively.
  • WATER RESISTANT – material remains wet on the inside and dry on the outside for the whole round.

Golf Ball Cleaner & Portable Ball Washer

  • GOLF BALL WASHER and CLEANER – portable ball washer solution for home, golf carts, and golf courses.
  • Tired of DIRTY balls – take this cleaner along in your golf bag – it will CHANGE the GAME. Clean golf balls increase accuracy and eventually improve your score, nothing like hitting a CLEAN BALL.
  • Handy Nylon STRAP with Plastic CARABINER. GOLF BALL CLEANER can also be a great promotional item, souvenir or gift for any golf course, corporate event, or tournament.
  • Three heavy-duty brushes designed for better cleaning with a Cool Golf ball lid.

Club Clean Club & Ball Cleaner

  • Keep your clubs and golf balls clean at every hole
  • Durable bristles clean clubface and ball quickly and easily
  • Better ball flight, cleaner grooves, better backspin
  • The patented single chamber allows for easy draining and cleaning
  • Heavy-duty long-lasting materials will give you years of dependable service

Universal Golf Ball Club & Ball Cleaners

  • 【10L0L professional big brand】Club Clean club and ball washer, plug chamber design allow for easier draining and cleaning.
  • 【Double ball cleaning】Cleans 2 golf balls at a time, durable & strong bristles clean clubface & ball fast and easily.
  • 【Double independent cleaning groove】Individual club washing slot & ball washing slot for optional separate cleaning.
  • Length: 10.6″, 
  • Width: 6.5″
  • High: 8.8″

How To Make DIY Golf Ball Washer:

Required Materials:

  • 1-1 Litre plastic pouring jug
  • 4-2” Scrub brushes
  • 1-6” Plastic cutting board
  • 8 Small wood screws
  • Power drill
  • Drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • 1-¾” Hole saw
  • Jigsaw


The scrub brushes should be 2” and with handles; cut the handles off of the brushes. Mount 4 brushes inside the plastic pouring jug by drilling two holes per brush. Screw the brushes to the sides of the jug. They should be mounted across from each other. The handle on the jug is perfect for holding the jug while cleaning the balls.

Take the cutting board and use the hole saw to drill out a 1-¾” hole at the bottom of the board. Then cut the sides off the cutting board to fit inside the jug. The process is almost over, now simply fill the jug with a little hot water and soap, slip a ball into the hole of the cutting board, put the ball in between the brushes, and clean away.

How To Use a Golf Ball Washer:

Step 1

Firstly clean the ball by removing excess mud, turf, or dirt so that it doesn’t carry debris into the ball washer reservoir. This can be done by rubbing the ball across the turf or by wiping it with a towel. Do not use the towel provided at the ball washer, or your clean towel, to pre-clean the ball. Make sure the towels should remain as clean as possible for drying a freshly washed ball.

Step 2

No one should address the tee in the tee box. Etiquette prohibits from making distracting sounds when someone is teeing off. The same goes with the green while preparing to use a cart-mounted ball washer, do not wash the ball while someone is in the hearing range or are taking their shot.

Step 3

Raise the plunger and insert the pre-cleaned ball into a round receptacle.

Step 4

Push down and pull up continuously while the ball is in the receptacle. Each downward plunge into the reservoir overlays the ball with a cleaning solution, the upward and downward action of the plunger passes the ball across the fixed brushes in the reservoir. Continue this process until the ball appears clean.

Step 5

Lift the plunger one last time to expose the clean ball. Take the ball out of the plunger and dry it with a towel. Now you have a freshly cleaned ball ready to put back into play.


The following blog consists of information on a golf product called a golf ball washer. The blog elaborates on basic information and the purpose of the golf ball washer. In this blog, we have also explained the process of making a DIY golf ball washer, as it is very cost-effective and cheaper than buying the washer from the market. Hope this blog will be of help if you are looking forward to knowing, buying, or making a golf ball washer.


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