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Mastering the AT&T Stadium Bag Policy: A Fan’s Ultimate Guide

As an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, few things compare to heading to AT&T Stadium with thousands of your closest friends to cheer on America’s Team. But before entering this state-of-the-art facility, every fan needs to comply with the venue’s bag policy to ensure a smooth and safe stadium experience.

This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know about the AT&T Stadium bag policy. You’ll learn the explicit details of which bag types are allowed and prohibited. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll sail through security focused on the incredible game day atmosphere ahead. So let’s huddle up and review the key policy details!

Why AT&T Stadium bag policy Matter?

Massive venues like AT&T Stadium implement strict bag policies first and foremost for fan safety. Limiting the styles, sizes, and types of permitted bags enables security personnel to visually inspect items brought into the stadium rapidly and thoroughly.

This streamlined screening process minimizes wait times at entry gates, while allowing staff to effectively identify any potential prohibited or dangerous items. Stadiums want fans to feel comfortable and ready to cheer, not stuck standing in endless security lines.

Fortunately, AT&T Stadium actively considers fan experience when shaping its bag policy. While you’ll find the rules quite strict, they remain exceptionally accommodating compared to other major sporting and entertainment venues.

AT&T Stadium bag policy
Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash

AT&T Stadium Clear Bag Policy

At AT&T Stadium, fans may carry approved items in one of two ways: inside clear plastic bags or inside non-clear purses/bags. Let’s break down the specific allowances and restrictions under the venue’s Clear Bag Policy.

Clear Plastic Bag Allowances

Fans may bring one larger clear bag no bigger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ in size. This must be made from transparent plastic to allow easy inspection of contents. In addition, you may carry one small clutch purse up to 6.5” x 4.5”.

Recommended clear bag types include clear plastic backpacks, totes, pouches, and cosmetic bags. Just ensure your bag fits within the size limits. Trying using a soft tape measure at home to double check.

Hard Case Clear Bags

Some fans prefer more rigid, hard-sided clear bags versus soft-sided versions. Hard plastic bags made from materials like PVC are permitted, provided they fall within the same general size restrictions as other clear bags.

Infant and Child Care Needs

Parents and guardians entering with infants or small children receive some additional allowances…

Non-Clear Bag Policy

In addition to clear plastic bags, fans may choose to carry their belongings in a non-clear or opaque bag. Typically these are everyday purses, handbags, backpacks, or briefcases. Here are the specific policies regarding these darker-colored soft or hard-sided bags:

Opaque Bag Allowances

Fans are permitted one non-clear bag no larger than 13” x 14” x 6” in size. This provides ample space for jackets, souvenirs, and personal items you’ll want close at hand during the game. Keep in mind these darker bags take longer to visually inspect.

Prohibited Opaque Bags

Any non-clear bag over the maximum dimensions of 13-by-14-by-6 inches is prohibited through stadium gates. This includes duffel bags, large backpacks, heavy briefcases, and overstuffed purses. Carry a compliant clear or non-clear bag instead.

Exceptions and Allowances

Certain non-clear bag types receive exceptions or expanded allowances:

  • Parents may carry infant care items in larger opaque bags after thorough inspection. More details below…

Prohibited Items

While AT&T Stadium allows fans to bring many conveniences through its Clear Bag Policy, some items are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Being aware of these restrictions enables fast gate screening and entry. Banned items include:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks, noisemakers, air horns
  • Large signs, banners, flags over specific size limits
  • Outside food, beverages, alcohol
  • Coolers, ice chests
  • Drones, selfie sticks, video cameras
  • Beach balls, frisbees, footballs
  • Pets besides ADA-approved service animals

Please secure prohibited items safely at home or in your vehicle before heading to the venue. Leaving them behind saves you time and headaches. The stadium also offers locker rentals to store non-compliant bags and belongings. More on that below…

Special Accommodations

While AT&T Stadium sets firm bag restrictions to ensure effective security, they also aim to make events enjoyable for all fans. That’s why they offer accommodations for scenarios like:

  • Carrying infant care necessities
  • Bringing required medical supplies and devices
  • Keeping critical medication close at hand

Let’s explore these special allowances in detail…

Here is the continuation of the AT&T Stadium bag policy blog post:

Infant and Child Care Accommodations

Parents and guardians entering AT&T Stadium with infants or small children may require some exceptions to the Clear Bag Policy. Here are the allowances in place for families:

Diaper Bags

Necessary infant care items like diapers, wipes, bottles, and food may be carried in opaque (non-clear) bags larger than the standard 13″ x 14″ x 6″ size allowance. All bags are still thoroughly searched.

Breast Pumps and Milk

Breastfeeding mothers may bring pumps and milk in reasonable quantities. These items are subject to inspection.

Child Care Supplies

Sealed child care necessities like formula, baby food, juice, and sanitizing items are permitted after screening. Carry only what’s reasonably needed for the event duration.

With some prudent planning and packing, families can easily comply with the venue’s safety guidelines.

Accommodations for Disabilities

AT&T Stadium aims to create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all fans. Those with medical conditions or disabilities that require special accommodations receive allowances including:

Medically Necessary Supplies

Fans may carry sealed packs containing medical supplies after thorough screening at gates. These may exceed standard bag dimensions or styles. Be ready to explain your needs to security personnel.

ADA Service Animals

Trained service dogs or miniature horses assisting disabled fans are permitted inside AT&T Stadium. Be prepared to present current certification paperwork if requested.

Assistive Mobility Devices

Walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs and knee scooters are allowed after visual inspection. Notify security of any special requirements.

By contacting AT&T Stadium Accessibility Services ahead of an event, fans can pre-arrange suitable accommodations and smooth entry.

Comparing Stadium Bag Policies

So how does AT&T Stadium’s policy stack up against other major venues? Here is a brief comparison:

StadiumClear Bag SizeNon-Clear Bag SizeMedical Bag Exception?
AT&T Stadium12″ x 6″ x 12″13” x 14” x 6”Yes
Levi’s Stadium12″ x 6″ x 12″14” x 14” x 6”No
SoFi Stadium12″ x 6″ x 12″16” x 8” x 6”Yes
Lucas Oil Stadium12″ x 6″ x 12″8” x 5” x 1”No

Storing Prohibited Items

To avoid denied entry, be sure to leave any prohibited items listed earlier safely at home or locked in your vehicle. But what if you arrive and realize your bag or belongings don’t comply with regulations? You have options:

Stadium Lockers

AT&T Stadium provides temporary rental lockers outside gates to securely store bags and items not allowed inside. Prices start at $10 per locker.

Leave With Friends

If traveling with others, have them take your non-compliant items back to your car or hotel to hold during the event.

Hide It Well

Carefully conceal pocket knives, mace, or other banned items deep in your vehicle where they won’t be found but can be retrieved later.

With prudent planning and packing, you’ll breeze through security. But mistakes happen. It’s good to be prepared with alternatives.

Checklist for the AT&T Stadium event

Use this checklist to guarantee smooth sailing through AT&T Stadium security:

Choose permitted bag size and style
Measure dimensions to confirm compliance
Leave prohibited items at home
Pack essentials like sunscreen, poncho
Print or load tickets on phone
Check forecast and dress appropriately
Arrive early
Get to gate on time

Screening Process

Wondering what to expect at stadium gates? The screening process ensures effective and consistent inspection:

  • Gates open 2 hours before event start
  • Find a gate with shorter lines
  • Have your permitted bag and ticket ready
  • Place bags, jackets, purses on conveyor belt
  • Walk through metal detectors
  • Collect belongings after inspection
  • Show ticket then enter and enjoy!

Arriving early allows unrushed bag screening. Come ready to comply with all requests – it keeps things moving.

That covers the key highlights of AT&T Stadium’s Clear Bag Policy to enable smooth, safe entry for fans.

As you can see, AT&T Stadium maintains a strict yet fan-friendly Clear Bag Policy designed to maximize security while providing clear, compliant options for carrying your gear.

By adhering to the allowances for clear plastic bags, non-clear purses, and following the prohibited items list, you will sail through screening. This enables focusing on the amazing Cowboys game day atmosphere.

While the stadium sets these bag limitations for safety, they also offer sensible accommodations for parents, those with disabilities, and other scenarios. Now you can attend events fully prepared to comply.

For specific concerts or other special events, check ahead for any unique bag rules. Otherwise the standard policies outlined here apply. By working together, fans and the venue can prioritize safety while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Go Cowboys!

What size bag can I bring to AT&T Stadium events?

You may carry one larger clear plastic bag up to 12” x 6” x 12” plus a small clutch up to 6.5” x 4.5”. Non-clear bag size limits are 13” x 14” x 6”. There are exceptions for infant care and medical bags.

Can I bring a purse or clutch bag?

Yes, a clutch up to 6.5” x 4.5” is allowed in addition to your clear stadium bag. Larger regular purses are acceptable as non-clear bags.

Is my everyday shoulder bag approved?

If it meets the 13” x 14” x 6” size limits for non-clear bags, then yes. Otherwise choose a clear plastic bag in compliance with regulations.

Can I bring camera bags at AT&T Stadium?

Camera bags for equipment with lenses 6” or less are permitted after inspection. Larger camera bags must meet standard size allowances.

Can I bring my reusable water bottle?

Yes, one sealed, empty plastic bottle up to 1 liter per person is allowed after screening.

Do kids and babies have special bag allowances?

Yes, necessary infant and child care items are exempt from the usual size limits but will still be inspected.

What items are prohibited at AT&T Stadium?

Weapons, noisemakers, large signs, outside food and drinks, coolers, drones, selfie sticks, balloons, pets besides service animals.


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