All about CONMEBOL – The South American Football Body

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Like Europe, they have UEFA, for football crazy Latin America, there is a governing body for the game is CONMEBOL. In this article we will get all the important details about it. So let us check them out.

Basic Information about CONMEBOL

Full Name: Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol

Abbreviation: CONMEBOL

Founded on: 9th July, 1916All about CONMEBOL – The South American Football Body

Category: Federation of National Associations

Headquarters: Luque, Paraguay

Region: South America (Latin America)

Members: 10 National Football Associations

Official Languages: Spanish and Portuguese

Current Secretary General: Jose Astigarraga

Official Website:

More about CONMEBOL

The first ever intra continental football championship in the Latin America happened in 1916, it was then called Campeonato Sudamericano de Futbol which is now known as Copa America. The competition was held in Argentina to celebrate toe Argentine Declaration of Independence century celebrations. After the tournament got grand success the four participating nations decided to have a governing body and organization which can represent the entire Latin American football region and then the CONMEBOL was founded on the 9th of July 1916 which is also the Argentina’s Independence Day. The main force behind this was Uruguayan Hector Rivadavia and Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay were the four founder members of the CONMEBOL.

CONMEBOL is also the oldest continental governing body of football associations in the South America and it is affiliated with the world football body FIFA. Currently there are 10 national members in CONMEBOL. The entire CONMEBOL nations to gather have won nine FIFA World Cups till now which is commendable effort.

CONMEBOL Qualifiers

All the 10 nations play in a play against each other by playing nine times at home and away (a total of 18 matches). And the point format for it is the same where three points for a win, one for a draw and zero for every loss.

After the 18 matches, the top four teams in the standings qualifying directly to Qatar 2022, while the fifth-place team will advance to an intercontinental playoff with a ticket to Qatar on the line.

Member Nations of CONMEBOL

Ten national football associations belong to Conmebol, they represent all the independent states of South America, except the national federations or associations of Suriname , Guyana and French Guiana , which are affiliated to Concacaf (of these three, only the first two are affiliated to FIFA and are independent states, lie the latter is not affiliated with FIFA and is not an independent state).

Initially, four members founded Conmebol: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Although the Falkland Islands could have their own national team like other British Overseas Territories ( British Virgin Islands , Gibraltar , Anguilla and many others), they have never been members of Conmebol because the countries of the region back Argentina in the conflict with the United Kingdom for the sovereignty of the archipelago.

ArgentinaArgentine Soccer AssociationFebruary 21, 1893
BoliviaBolivian Football FederationSeptember 12, 1925
BrazilBrazilian Football ConfederationJune 8, 1914
ChileChilean Football FederationJune 19, 1895
ColombiaColombian Football FederationOctober 12, 1924
EcuadorEcuadorian Football FederationMay 30, 1925
ParaguayParaguayan Soccer AssociationJune 18, 1906
PeruPeruvian Football FederationAugust 23, 1922
UruguayUruguayan Football AssociationMarch 30, 1900
VenezuelaVenezuelan Football FederationDecember 1, 1925

CONMEBOL Score & 2022 Schedule

Matchday 1
Oct. 8, 2020ParaguayPeru2-2
Oct. 8, 2020UruguayChile2-1
Oct. 8, 2020ArgentinaEcuador1-0
Oct. 9, 2020ColombiaVenezuela3-0
Oct. 9, 2020BrazilBolivia5-0
Matchday 2
Oct. 13, 2020BoliviaArgentina1-2
Oct. 13, 2020EcuadorUruguay4-2
Oct. 13, 2020VenezuelaParaguay0-1
Oct. 13, 2020PeruBrazil2-4
Oct. 13, 2020ChileColombia2-2
Matchday 3
Nov. 12, 2020BoliviaEcuador2-3
Nov. 12, 2020ArgentinaParaguay1-1
Nov. 13, 2020ColombiaUruguay0-3
Nov. 13, 2020ChilePeru2-0
Nov. 13, 2020BrazilVenezuela1-0
Matchday 4
Nov. 17, 2020EcuadorColombia6-1
Nov. 17, 2020VenezuelaChile2-1
Nov. 17, 2020ParaguayBolivia2-2
Nov. 17, 2020UruguayBrazil0-2
Nov. 17, 2020PeruArgentina0-2
Matchday 5
June 3, 2021BoliviaVenezuela3-1
June 3, 2021UruguayParaguay0-0
June 3, 2021ArgentinaChile1-1
June 3, 2021PeruColombia0-3
June 4, 2021BrazilEcuador2-0
Matchday 6
June 8, 2021EcuadorPeru1-2
June 8, 2021VenezuelaUruguay0-0
June 8, 2021ColombiaArgentina2-2
June 8, 2021ParaguayBrazil0-2
June 8, 2021ChileBolivia1-1
Matchday 7
Sept. 2BoliviaColombia
Sept. 2ChileBrazil
Sept. 2EcuadorParaguay
Sept. 2PeruUruguay
Sept. 2VenezuelaArgentina
Matchday 8
Sept. 7ArgentinaBolivia
Sept. 7BrazilPeru
Sept. 7ColombiaChile
Sept. 7ParaguayVenezuela
Sept. 7UruguayEcuador
Matchday 9
Oct. 7EcuadorBolivia
7 October 2021ParaguayArgentina
Oct. 7PeruChile
Oct. 7UruguayColombia
Oct. 7VenezuelaBrazil
Matchday 10
Oct. 12ArgentinaPeru
Oct. 12BoliviaParaguay
Oct. 12BrazilUruguay
Oct. 12ChileVenezuela
12 October 2021ColombiaEcuador
Matchday 11
Nov. 11BrazilColombia
Nov. 11EcuadorVenezuela
Nov. 11ParaguayChile
Nov. 11PeruBolivia
Nov. 11UruguayArgentina
Matchday 12
Nov. 16 2021ArgentinaBrazil
Nov. 16BoliviaUruguay
Nov. 16ChileEcuador
Nov. 16ColombiaParaguay
Nov. 16VenezuelaPeru
Matchday 13
Jan. 27, 2022ChileArgentina
Jan. 27, 2022ColombiaPeru
Jan. 27, 2022EcuadorBrazil
27 January 2022ParaguayUruguay
Jan. 27, 2022VenezuelaBolivia
Matchday 14
Feb. 1, 2022ArgentinaColombia
Feb. 1, 2022BoliviaChile
Feb. 1, 2022BrazilParaguay
Feb. 1, 2022PeruEcuador
Feb. 1, 2022UruguayVenezuela
Matchday 15
March 24, 2022ArgentinaVenezuela
March 24, 2022BrazilChile
March 24, 2022ColombiaBolivia
March 24, 2022ParaguayEcuador
March 24, 2022UruguayPeru
Matchday 16
March 29, 2022BoliviaBrazil
March 29, 2022ChileUruguay
March 29, 2022EcuadorArgentina
29 March 2022PeruParaguay
March 29, 2022VenezuelaColombia
Matchday 17
Matchday 18

CONMEBOL Standings


Various Competitions Organized by CONMEBOL

The CONMEBOL organizes two kinds of competitions. One is the international competitions which has the 10 member nation’s participation. These competitions are.

  • Copa America
  • U20
  • U17
  • U15
  • Copa America Femenina
  • Under 20 (Female)
  • Under 17 (Female
  • Copa America de Futsal
  • Compeonato Sudamericano de Futsal Sub 20
  • Compeonato Sudamericano Femenino de Futsal

Club Competitions are also organized by CONMEBOL and they are

  • Copa Libertadores de America
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Supercopa Libertadores
  • Copa Libertadores de Futbol Femenino
  • Recopa Sudamericana
  • Intercontinental Cup (Jointly with UEFA)
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