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Difference between Amateur and Professional Boxing

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Despite the fact is that amateur and boxing are basically the same thing, but still they both carry some visible differences between them. It is not only the money, but there are other things too, which make these two specialties in boxing. Remember, even when boxing matches were held in the ancient times, there used to be some prize involved in it. Here are the major differences between amateur and professional boxing.

Difference between Amateur and Professional Boxing

Things that Differentiate Amateur and Professional Boxing

Head Gears

In professional boxing, the boxers do not wear head gears, although while they are having training they do wear it just to avoid any heavy blow comes out in case, but in amateur boxing boxers do wear the head gears regularly.

Number of Rounds

In the professional boxing every round consists three minutes and the bouts can continue anywhere between four and twelve rounds, whereas in the amateur boxing the bouts can continue till three or four rounds and the four round fights are two minutes long.

Difference in Objectives of Boxers

In the professional boxing the main objective is to earn more and more money so the boxers from the word go want to have a knockout! whereas in amateur boxing the boxers want to score more points. Although an amateur boxer can knock out his/her opponent, but he will not gain any point out of it.

Scoring System

The judges in professional boxing gives 10 points to the winner and 9 to the loser in every round they play. So the winner will always get 10 points only if the referee deducts point because of foul. In amateur only legal punches are counted by the judges by using an electronic counting machine and the boxer winning the most number of point counts wins the bout.

Effective Punching

In both professional and amateur boxing you only have to hit the opponent above the belt. In professional boxing it is not legal to hit the opponent on his back of the head and on the area of his kidneys. Where in the amateur boxing the boxer must land his punch directly on the closed glove of his opponent and on the front side of his head or body.

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