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Information About Boxing: Definition, History, Rules & Types

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Since the dawn of human history, we have fought in hand-to-hand combat, the earliest evidence of these contests date back to the ancient Near East in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC. The earliest evidence of the boxing rules dates back to Ancient Greece, where boxing was officiated as an Olympic game in 688 BC.

The Definition of Boxing

Boxing is a combat sport in which two players fight against each other by using their will, reflexes, endurance, speed and strength. They also throw punches with gloves wearing on their hands against each other. Interestingly the game of boxing is also known as a sweet science, English boxing, Pugilism, Western Boxing and gentleman’s sport. The players involved in the game of boxing are called boxers. Most of the time, the boxers focus on punching and striking each other. The origin of modern boxing is believed to be in the United Kingdom.

Information About Boxing: Definition, History, Rules & Types

Brief History of Boxing

As most of the games take us back to the ancient history of Greece, boxing too is no different. It is said that the game of boxing was accepted by the ancient Greeks during BCE 688. It continued to be played like that till the 18th century and in the 19th century, the United Kingdom brought the modern boxing game to the world and later it was spread in the United States as well. Previously the soldiers were trained by the ancient Rome generals by wrapping a leather thong around their fists to combat their enemy. Slowly it became a sport and various kinds of things started to be worn by the players. Often the Kings used to arrange fights between the slaves.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, modern boxing came into the picture. Although it was almost wiped off from the memories, but resurfaced in Britain. During the early 16th century, it used to be called ‘bare knuckle boxing’ and then prize fighting as well. It had no written rules nor did it have divisions like weights or rounds. The first time the boxing rules were introduced was in 1943 by Jack Broughton, who himself was a champion and it was called the Broughton’s rules. Later on, the rules were amended in 1838 as ‘London prize ring rules’, in 1867 as ‘Marquees of Queensberry rules’ and finally in 1882 the current rule was introduced.

Rules of Boxing

  • Generally, there are 12 boxing rounds each of 3 minutes. Within these rounds, there is a one-minute rest slot.
  • One cannot hit their opponent when they are down.
  • When a player wishes to attack his/her opponent, they’ll have to make use of a clenched fist.
  • A player is not allowed to hit his/her opponent below the belt, i.e; in the back, kidneys, neck, etc.
  • A boxer is not allowed to make use of ropes for better grip.
  • If a player has been hit badly, he/she has almost five minutes to recover from that event.
  • A boxer can never spit his/her mouthpiece for getting rest on purpose. 
  • Once your fight has been stopped by the referee, you’re supposed to take a full step back and not just hit your opponent immediately.
  • If a boxer has floored his/her opponent, then he/she can hit them until they’re lying on the canvas.
  • In a situation where the boxer has scored a knockdown on his/her opponent, the boxer must go to the neutral corner while the referee is making the count.

Types of Boxing Equipment

Boxing Gloves 

Boxing Gloves are one of the most important parts of boxing. With this, it becomes utterly crucial to pick the right size and models as these gloves will be worn both in practice and matches too. Generally, these gloves are measured in weight. So, the boxers have to choose between 10,12,16, or 20 ounces of gloves. The weight of gloves also depends on the boxer’s body weight and his/her skills. 

Some boxers also opt for Handwraps as they play an essential part in protecting their wrists. Handwraps make sure that a boxer’s wrist is protected from getting injured, or broken.


Mouthguards are compulsory in a boxing match. Basically, these mouthguards are made up of a rubber-type material. Mouthguards are supposed to protect the boxer’s mouth while they are in an intense fight. These mouthguards are made in a way that it makes the boxer feel safe and comfortable while he/she uses them. Mouthguards are available in several price ranges depending on the protection, material, brand, and size.

Ring Shoes 

Ring shoes play an important role in boxing as it helps in improving the footwork during the boxing match. Everyone should own ring shoes, irrespective of the level they play at. Picking the right ring shoes will provide you with much-needed ankle support. There are several options available for ring shoes depending on pricing.

Head Protector

A head protector is a must for protecting the boxer’s head while he/she is in the boxing ring. Generally, the head is considered to be the main punching area in boxing, so the head protector comes with padded support. 

Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag comes in handy when a boxer wishes to train outside a gym with any kind of equipment. Doing practice with a heavy bag is quite important as it will help you in making your game better and much stronger than at the present level. While choosing a heavy bag, always pick the bulkiest one and not the lighter ones. The lighter ones swing too much.

Different Weight Class in Boxing

  • Heavyweight
  • Junior Heavyweight
  • Cruiserweight
  • Light heavyweight
  • Super Middleweight
  • Middleweight
  • Super Welterweight
  • Junior Welterweight
  • Welterweight
  • Light welterweight
  • Super Lightweight
  • Lightweight
  • Junior Lightweight
  • Super featherweight
  • Featherweight
  • Junior Featherweight
  • Bantamweight
  • Junior Bantamweight
  • Super Flyweight
  • Flyweight
  • Junior Flyweight
  • Light Flyweight
  • Mini Flyweight
  • Minimum Weight
  • Straw Weight

Boxing has come quite a long way since the good old gladiator days when the primary goal was to literally knock out the other fighter. Today, boxing is loved by people of all ages and is not only a great sport but an excellent way to get in shape.

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