The greatest ever tennis players of the world (Part – III)


We are continuing from where we left in the second part of this series of the greatest ever tennis players of the world. Remember these are not rankings they are just those players who are worth to be called ‘greatest ever’ and we are not giving our verdict about them after making any comparison or analysis.

Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

Novac Djokovic

Whenever there is a talk about greatest tennis player ever arises people often ask about how many Grand Slam a particular player has won. Well some times number of Grand Slam victory may not be enough to rank some one as great as Novak Djokovic is. Although the Serbian has been on the No.1 of the ATP Rankings consistently enough is the thing one should take a note of. He has achieved plenty of incredible achievements despite people go gaga about Nadal and Federer. In the year 2011 Djokovic won 11 titles in all including three Grand Slams. Novak Djokovic has never hidden his desire to have a Career Grand Slam and perhaps sometimes it has become his weak point, but the way he has been playing the game he is certain to achieve this dream of his, soon.

Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Rafael Nadal

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind if we label Rafael Nadal as the greatest player ever played on the clay court. But it is not that he has been successful on the clay courts only. He has an ability to win on any kind of court which he has proved time and again. The only hurdle he comes across during his career till date is injuries. The best part of Nadal is the longevity despite getting injured time and again. Let us hope that he remains fit and fine, so that we can witness more duals between him and Djokovic or Federer.

Roger Federer (Switzerland)

Roger Federer

If a certain tennis player has won 17 Grand Slams in all and he is still going on then he deserved to be called a Legend, forget the greatest ever. Roger Federer is the name of that player. It is not that he plays to win trophies one after another but it is the passion and the obsession he has for the game which makes him great. Plus the humbleness he shows both in the time of victory and defeat and inside and outside the court makes him different than any other contemporary tennis player. If we just count his 36 entries in the Grand Slam quarter finals we can understand the mightiness of this player, not to mention his injury less stint for these many years.


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