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All about Russian Football Club PFC CSKA Moscow

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We already have an article on the Russian Premier League football and now it is time to know about the premier Russian football club PFC CSKA Moscow.

All about Russian Football Club PFC CSKA Moscow

Basic Details about PFC CSKA Moscow

Full Name: Professional Football Club Central Sports Club of Army Moscow

Nickname(s): Koni (Horses), Krasno Sinie (Red Blues), Armeisty (Militarians)All about Russian Football Club PFC CSKA Moscow

Founded on: 27th August, 1911

Home Ground: Arena Khimki

Capacity: 18, 636 fans

Current Chairman: Yuvgeni Giner

Manager: Leonid Slutsky

League Plays In: Russian Premier League

More about PFC CSKA Moscow

The PFC CSKA Moscow was founded in 1911 and it had a very successful run in the Russian football after the Second World War during the Soviet Russia time. It won 7 Soviet Top League titles, including the final tournament played in the year 1991. After the format and name change too it has been one of the most successful club teams in the Russian Premier league as the team has won 5 titles since the inception of the new league. PFC CSKA Moscow has also won the UEFA Cup in 2004-05 season.

During the Soviet Union or USSR era PFC CSKA Moscow used to be the official football team of the Russian army, but since the dissolution of the Soviet Union it is now owned by private stakeholders with Russian Ministry of Defence is also a shareholder. Top Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s company Sibneft Corporation was the top sponsors of the team between 2004 and 2006.

The PFC CSKA Moscow team is also nicknamed Horses because the first home ground they used to play was built on the old racecourse or hippodrome in Moscow. When the team first called as Horses it was considered to be an offensive word, but later it became so popular that the club and the players have accepted it and it is now also known as Army Men and Red Blues as well.

PFC CSKA Moscow owns a Light Athletic Football Complex CSKA but it has only limited capacity with 4600 fans. Hence the club uses other stadiums for their matches. Currently they are sharing the Arena Khimki as their home ground with Dynamo Moscow football club. In 2007 the club has decided to have a new stadium after breaking the former Russian Army stadium the Grigory Fedotov Stadium and the new stadium is due in 2015.

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