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16 Interesting Facts About Rugby World Cup

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We all love the game of Rugby isn’t it and when it comes to a Rugby World Cup our affection towards the game increases by leaps and bounces, but do we know some of the most interesting facts about the Rugby World Cups as fans? Well, there are already 7 editions of Rugby World Cup till now and in 2015 the 8th episode of the Rugby World Cup will be played in England. Let us have some of the most interesting and stunning facts about the Rugby World Cups.

Interesting & Stunning Facts About Rugby World Cups:

  1. One of the most successful team to reach semifinals of the Rugby World Cup is Australia. They have won the 1991 and 1999 Rugby World Cups plus they were Runners Up in the 2003 and Semifinalists in 1987. The other two sides are New Zealand and France. New Zealand won the World Cup in 1987 and 2013, runners up in 1995 and Semi-Finalists in 1991 and 1999. France never won the Rugby World Cup till now, but was runners-up twice in the year 1987 and in 1999 and were semi-finalists in 1995, 2003 and 2007 Rugby World Cups.
  2. No captain or a coach has been able to win consecutive world cup wins for their team till now.
  3. Only three players have won the Rugby World Cup twice, they are Eales and Horan for Australia and Du Randt for the South Africa Springboks.
  4. No team has won Tri-Nations tournament and a Rugby World Cup in the same year.
  5. Winners of 5 or 6 Nations tournaments have reached the semi-finals at least of the Rugby World Cup happened in the same year.
  6. There was no qualification for the 1987 Rugby World Cup and all participating teams were invited to play the game.
  7. New Zealand has never defeated Australia in a Rugby World Cup.
  8. Ireland is the only host nation which has not reached the semi-finals of World Cup.
  9. The two Rugby World Cup wins by South Africa has come without scoring a try in either of the finals.
  10. 2007 is the only World Cup, where All Blacks failed to reach at least into a Semi-Final.
  11. New Zealand All Blacks is the only team who has won the finals at the Eden Park.
  12. Brendon Venter was suspended from the 1999 Rugby World Cup finals for stamping.
  13. In the 1987 RWC Semi Finals France came from behind (0-9, 12-25 and 21-24) to win the game by 30-24 against Australia with Serg Blanco scored a try in the dying moments of the match.
  14. In the 1999 World Cup New Zealand scored a century against Italy and finished the game with 101-3.
  15. Grant Fox of the New Zealand has the record of scoring the most number of points in a Rugby World Cup which is 120 in the 1987 edition.
  16. Joe Rokocoko of the New Zealand is the youngest player ever to play in a Rugby World Cup. He was 20 at the time of 2003 Rugby World Cup. He was born in Fiji and brought up in NewZealand.

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