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Laredo Lemurs Baseball

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Baseball is one of the bat and ball games that started in England, but later on, spread to the other countries of the world. The game is a national game of the United States of America. The bat and ball came to the country with the migrants from England and the revised version of the game became the national game of the country. The game is played more in North America, parts of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and East Asia like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. There is a very big fan following the Baseball game in the USA and there are various city and state clubs in the country that are famous for playing this game and people love them a lot and each player has a huge fan following. One such team is Laredo Lemurs. 

Laredo lemurs history

Laredo Lemurs were a professional baseball team that was active during the year 2012 to 2016. The team was active in Laredo, Texas their hometown. They played with the American Association of Independent football. The team had its roots in Shreveport, Louisiana, and had the name Shreveport-Bossier Captains. But, the team then shifted to Laredo in 2012, and then the team was named Laredo Lemurs. In Laredo, the team replaced Laredo Broncos of United League Baseball, and the team used to play at the United Trade Stadium in Texas. The move to Texas was a calculated move to get more exposure to professional football. 

Tano Tijerina, a former minor-league pitcher in Milwaukee brewers, was the first pitcher for Laredo Lemurs in the inaugural “Family Chevrolet Sister Cities Baseball Classic”. 

The team name and the logo

Laredo Lemurs Baseball

Once the team changed its location, they decided to change the name of the team. They had run the “Name the Team” contest and had got replies from around 400 fans. They had set three criteria for naming the team. These criteria were 

  • The name had to be relevant to Laredo history
  • The name had to be unique
  • The kids should be easily able to correlate with the team name. 

The animal Lemur was selected in the logo was because it has a lot of similarities to the sport of baseball. The animal is very adaptable, eats anything, and lives in a social environment that is correlated to the baseball team players and hence they decided to include lemurs in their logo says Chris Smith of the Duke Lemur Center, one of the premier Lemur research facilities of the world. 

Laredo Lemurs winning history

Laredo Lemurs were a minor league baseball team. They had most wins of 57 matches from 2014 to 2016. The most number of losses were 47 matches in the year 2013. On September 20, 2015, Laredo Lemurs won their first American Association title by defeating Sioux City by 12-5 in the fourth game of American association championship series. 

Here is the winning history in a tabular format of Laredo Lemurs

Year ▴TeamLeagueWLAttendAvg.
2012Laredo LemursAmerican Association5446RosterStats187,8453,834
2013Laredo LemursAmerican Association5247RosterStats151,0553,083
2014Laredo LemursAmerican Association5742RosterStats132,5622,651
2015Laredo LemursAmerican Association5743RosterStats62,5171,302
2016Laredo LemursAmerican Association5742RosterStats41,955893

So, here is all you want to know about the Laredo Lemurs, the minor league baseball team in the USA. If you know about anything else then let us know in the comments section.

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