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The England Cricket Team is one of the first international cricket teams which has been responsible to make cricket go internationally. The England Cricket team was involved in the first ever official Test Match and also the One Day International, not accidentally but against Australia. Since then the England Cricket team has seen it all. Let us know more about this team.

 England Cricket Team

England Cricket Team


The first ever Test Match in the history of Cricket was played between England and Australia, hence England is one of the first international cricket team. This test match was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground or the MCG from 15th to 19th March in 1877. The United Kingdom in those days was known as the expansionist regime under the Royal English Family. Hence, where ever the English rulers went the game of cricket also went with them. Hence, if we see the popularity or the craze of cricket in the Pacific or Asia or even in the Africa or in Caribbean its all because of England.

There was a period when Cricket was limited to England, Australia and South Africa, England used to be the only force in world cricket. But once those nations on which the UK used to rule started getting independence the sole authority of England on cricket started to reduce. But yet the English cricket team has been one of the forces of world cricket.

With ECB – England and Wales Cricket Board at helm, the English cricket has seen only an increase in their followings. Despite having long and famous sporting rivalries against West Indies, South Africa and India, the Ashes remains the most sought test series for every English cricket player and supporters as well. Part of Ashes winning team is always a dream first and later a proud moment for every English Cricketer.

Despite being among the firsts in One Day Internationals, the England’s ODI performance has probably never reached a point where they can stamp their authority. This doesn’t mean that they are a weaker side but at times they lack consistency. What more bigger proof we need then despite reaching the finals of the ICC World Cup thrice and into the semi finals twice England has never been able to lift that all important trophy.

The only ICC World trophy the ECB has in its cup board is the 2010 ICC World Twenty20, which they won in the West Indies. The Twenty20 format took birth in England and it first prospered there and then spread around the world over.

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