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All You Want to Know about FedEx Cup

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What Exactly the FedEx Cup is?

The FedEx Cup is a championship trophy for the PGA Tour and it was first played in the year 2007. The announcement of such trophy was made in 2005. Tiger Woods was the first ever Champion of the FedEx Cup in the year 2007 and Henrik Stenson is the current holder of the trophy.

All You Want to Know about FedEx Cup

Qualifying Process for the Playoffs

The first part of the golfing season, which is called the regular season is from January to late August. The players playing in the PGA Tour then earn points in each tournament they play. The points the winner of a particular tournament gets is vary from 250 to 600. Total 125 top point leaders will be considered to play the tournament and only those who are regularly playing the PGA Tour are eligible to earn points.

After the final tournament of the regular season gets over all the 125 points leaders get to gather to participate in the playoffs. Each winner of a playoff event is rewarded with 2500 points which is five times more than the points awarded for a regular season tournament. Points won in the playoff events are then added to those points earned during the regular season.

After the third playoff event gets over, the top 30 players go to the final event and points are reset. The No. 1 player gets 2500 points and No. 2 player gets 2250 points. The last means the 30th numbered player gets 210 points. The format ensures that every player gets the chance to win the FedEx Cup. But since its establishment it is observed that top players only have been able to win the cup.

Play Off Events Considered for the FedEx Cup

  • The Barclays – Top 125 points leaders (36 hole cut to top 70 players plus ties incurred)
  • Deutsche Bank Championship – Top 100 points leaders (36 hole cut to top 70 players plus ties incurred)
  • BMW Championship – Top 70 points leaders
  • Tour Championship – Top 30 points leaders

The FedEx Cup RewardsThe FedEx Cup Trophy

  • Winner – the FedEx Cup Trophy and US$ 10 million of a US$ 35 million bonus fund.
  • The runner –up – US$ 3 million
  • 3rd Place – US$ 2 million
  • 4th Place – US$ 1.5 million
  • 5th Place – US$ 1 million
  • From 126th place to 150th Place – US$ 32, 000 each
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