Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Some of the Unusual Sports of the World

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The people play the sports to entertain themselves or in many cases to keep themselves fit. There are plenty of popular sports in the world because they fall in line with people’s imagination but there are certain unusual sports as well who not necessarily be funny to  you but certainly can amaze you or even stun you as well.

Let us have a look at some of those sports which are currently being played by our unknown friends across the world.

Chess Boxing

Well, the name says it all. Chess is for intelligent people and Boxing is for those whose body is strong, in Chess Boxing you need bit of both. The players play Chess in between two Boxing rounds!!

World Gurning Championship

Well the rules of this game is simple, but the winner of this championship may not find it simple to gulp the prize he or she has won, because in this game the person with the ugliest face wins!

Nude Sports

Well your wild guess is as good as ours. Yes, people participate in this sport do not wear cloths and play ‘those games’ which we,  normally, usually do not play in the opengot the idea?

Pooh Sticks

Nope, you are wrong here. It is not abut the stick used by the famous cartoon character Pooh, it is about throwing a stick over a bridge and the stick which touches the water first wins.

Paper-Scissors-Rock Tournament

Yes it is the same old game we used to play during our childhood, but a serious tournament on it played by the grown ups?? Are you serious? Really?

Wife Carrying Festival

You need to carry your wife in your arms and if you are really lucky you may be allowed to carry someone else’s wife as well!! Of course you need to cross the obstacles fixed in your way, but if you cross them successfully a bottle of beer is all yours as a prize.

Extreme Ironing Competition

Do you think that ironing is easy? Well then take part in Extreme Ironing Competition and you will change your mind. People carry their iron and ironing board with them and do some extreme ironing and then take the photos of their job!

Royal Shrovetide Football Festival

Everyone living in the small town of Ashbourne in England comes out in the streets and play football and scoring doesn’t matter.

World Stinging Nettle Challenge

The name is bit misleading here because there is nothing called stinging here, what you have to do over here is just to eat as many hot dogs as you can or donuts and win the competition!

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