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All About Gymnastics: Types, Rule Changes and Many More

The sport of Gymnastics is really different from other sport in the world. It is not only a sport but it also kind of performing arts and most of the time than not, it certainly soothes to your eyes as well. So we at the Sportycious would like to serve you the details, you must know about Gymnastics!

What is Gymnastics?

All About Gymnastics: Types, Rule Changes and Many More

As we have mentioned above, Gymnastics is both sports and performing arts, hence it sometimes creates complexity in the minds of the watcher. Gymnastics needs the power, agility, flexibility, coordination of body, balance, and control to make it a sport and it needs all the grace to look like a performing art. All the major Gymnastics competitions around the world are being regulated by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique which is commonly known as FIG. The FIG has affiliated all the national governing bodies of various nation’s Gymnastics boards. Although both men and women can compete in a Gymnastic Competition, women’s gymnastics are more popular than the male’s as they are more involved in the artistic part of it.

Types Of Gymnastics:

Artistic Gymnastics for Men

  • Floor Exercise
  • Pommel Horse
  • Vault
  • Parallel Bars
  • Still Rings
  • High Bar

Artistic Gymnastics for Women

  • Vault
  • Uneven Bars
  • Balance Beam
  • Floor Exercise

Changes in Rules in Gymnastics

In the 1950s former Russia or the USSR allowed women to compete in high bars, parallel bars, or rings too. In the year 2006, FIG allowed the new points system for artistic gymnastics which was successful in the US for the elite level competitions organized there. Previously the point system was to 10 points. In this new system, a difficulty score system has been introduced. The previous system was based only on the overall performance, whereas over here, the new system looks into how the gymnast has gone through all the necessary skills which are being not only performed well but also are connected with each other too. This new system also has both addition and deductions in points, which has made the game tougher and competitive.

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Some of the Popular Movies and Television Shows


  • A State of Mind
  • Gymkata
  • Nadia
  • American Anthem
  • The Gymnast
  • Peaceful Warrior
  • Billy Elliot
  • Little Girls in Pretty Boxes
  • Perfect Body
  • Flying
  • Make it or Break It
  • Stick It

Television Shows

  • Make it or Break It
  • Seinfield


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