Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Are You Aware about these Interesting Golf Facts?

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Interesting Golf Facts

One of the oldest games on earth is Golf. It is often mistaken as a game made for the riches only. To a certain extent it is right if we look at the price to buy all the necessary golf equipments. But still, even if people can’t afford to purchase golfing equipments they still love the game by watching it and following it religiously. Because the game is really old and it has been loved by many people also want to know about certain facts related to Golf. Some of them are really statistics based and some of them are fun filled and really interesting. Let us see the interesting side of the Golf Facts here.

Most Interesting Facts About Golf

  • Are you aware about the longest golf course of the world on which international golf tournaments are often held? Well the longest golf course is situated in Massachusetts, which has a length of 7600 meters! Woah!
  • Do you know that the first golf balls were made out of wood and they were used during the 16th Century. Ok, now you are aware about it right?
  • The world’s half population, women have 25% space in professional golf. Yes out of all professional golfers 25% are women.
  • It is learnt that the Gentleman Golfers of Leith in Edinburgh established the first ever official rules on Golf.
  • Hole-in-one, always make the golfer extra happy and amaze the fan! The first ever recorded hole-in-one was made at the Open Championship at Prestwick, Scotland in the year 1868 by Tom Morris.
  • The longest ever putt till date is of 114 meters! We are still searching the golfer’s name who did it though.
  • The dimples on the golf balls have different numbers too. There are total 336 dimples on an American golf ball and 330 on a British golf ball! How can six extra dimples make a difference? Any clue?
  • Coby Orr did a hole-in-one in 1975 at Littleton, Colorado and he became the youngest golfer to achieve a hole-in-one in the history of the game. He was 27 at that time.
  • The scientists have come out with a conclusion that making two holes-in-one in a single round of golf is one in 67 million! How many have done this by the way?
  • The word Caddy actually is a French word which means a cadet or a student and it is pronounced ‘cad-DAY!’
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