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The Basic Rules of Squash

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In our previous article we talked about basic information regarding squash and now its time to know about the basic rules of squash, so that you can enjoy the game whenever you go to a squash game or watching it live on your television.

Basic Rules of Squash

The Basic Rules of Squash

The Squash Court

The squash court is different from any other sport courts as it is surrounded by four walls. The court surface is made of wood and three sides of it is covered by a transparent glass. The squash court is separated in two halves, which are called front and back. The back half is further separated with two more lines, thus it creates three different boxes, although all these markings are relevant only when the serve is on.

On the front wall there are three parallel lines are marked and it is the largest playing surface. The back wall which is made of glass has the door or an entrance of the court.


The players spin the squash racquet to decide who will serve first. After a player decides to serve he or she should choose either the left or right service box and his feet must be touching the service box and not touching any other part of the service box line. When a player serves the ball must strike above the service line and below the outline on the front wall and then it must land on the opposite back quarter of the court. The other player then should respond the serve with a volley after it has hit the front wall. Once the server has won the point both the players switch the side for the next point.

Playing Squash

All the time the players must hit the ball between the service line and outline on all four walls once the service is done. As long they keep on doing it the play is on, once a player hits the ball outside of those lines he loses the point. Once the ball has hit the front wall it is allowed to bounce on the floor once and the number of times after it hits the side and the back walls. Once the service is through players can move all around the court to keep the ball in play. Any accidental or deliberate obstruction of a player is not allowed.

Scoring System in Squash

The current scoring system in Squash is known as Point – a – Rally Scoring, PARS in short terminology. In this system the winner of a rally receives a point which is regardless to him being a server or a returner. The player who reaches the 11 points first with a minimum difference of 2 points wins the set. If a score reaches 10-10 then a further 2 point lead is required to win the set.

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