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The 6 Most Common Tennis Injuries

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Even though it is not talked about a lot, tennis injuries do happen. Several tennis players have had to forfeit games in the past due to their injuries. Knowing about the possible injuries and their causes will help you be keen as you play if you are new to the game. Here are the most common tennis injuries to be recorded in the history of the game.

Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis Elbow

The most common injury that occurs in tennis is the tennis elbow. The injury happens when a player overworks their elbow and tendons. Some of the famous players who have been affected by the injury are Venus and Serena Williams, and Andy Murray. Serena pulled out of the Swedish open due to a tennis elbow.

In such an injury, players are advised to put the joint on ice and use anti-inflammatory meds. Yoga can help with tennis elbow, and players are advised to practice it. To prevent the injury, a player must select the right racket before they get to play. It is also recommended that players take breaks between games so their hands do not strain.

Ankle Sprain

Tennis players spend a lot of time running around the court. It is not surprising that ankle sprains are common out in the court. Apart from spraining the ankle, there are also cases where the players might even get broken ankle joints. The injuries are painful and can lead to a player being out of the game for a long time.

One of the ways to help avoid this is to wear appropriate tennis sneakers. They ensure that players do not slip when they are on the court. Wearing ankle braces can also help prevent injuries. In the event of a sprain, resting the joint and using anti-inflammatory medicine will go a long way to alleviate the pain.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is not only common in tennis but also in most sports. The reason behind this is, as players move around, they put a strain on their knee joints. It might be a dislocation that advances into a severe tear.

In the most severe cases, players might need to undergo surgery to deal with the pain. In cases that are not so serious, the player needs to ice the limb and stay off it for a while—warming up and stretching before a game is a great way to reduce the chances of one suffering from knee injuries.

Shoulder Pain

Since tennis involves several upper body workouts, shoulder pain is inevitable. It happens especially when the player strains after serving for a while. It is recommended to ice it and rest from playing until the pain wears off.

One of the top tennis players, Naomi Osaka, had to pull out of the WTA finals in 2019. Her shoulder pain was too much for her to keep on playing.

Wrist Pain

Apart from the shoulder and elbow, tennis players tend to work out their wrists a lot when playing. It may lead to wrist injuries in the long run. The injury might also occur when a player grips their racket too tight when playing. Other players get tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the wrists from overstraining it.

The treatment for this is RICE and using anti-inflammatory drugs. In severe cases, players might need to undergo surgery, keeping them out of the game for a longer time.

Some players like Venus Williams were unlucky enough to have tendonitis in both hands, which meant she had to forfeit high-profile games like the Australian Open.

Stress Fractures

Tennis players put a lot of weight and pressure on their back ankles, knees, and elbows. In severe situations, these areas tend to get fractures. The most common stress fracture is the back stress fracture. It occurs when a player puts a lot of strain on their lower back.

The simplest way of dealing with the fractures in players is ensuring they have proper form when playing. It is also essential that a player works on their serving exhibition as this ensures they remove the strain on their backs.

A stress fracture means that the player should stay away from the game. It is recommended to take at least six weeks off playing so that their bones can properly heal.

Tennis injuries have spelled doom for so many upcoming and seasoned players. Many of the players hide injuries in the hopes of making it through a season and winning the championship. The long-term effect of doing this is very critical, and doctors recommend that players be mindful of whatever injuries they might acquire while playing. Tending to said injuries will ensure that the player has a better quality of life and a greater chance of competing in the games once they fully recover.

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