Saturday, December 3, 2022

Funny Golf Facts

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Golf is often looked at a game which is played by serious people and the game itself has been portrayed as quite a serious game. So to break this image we are bringing you some of the funny Facts about Golf.

  • The famous Hollywood actor Samuel. L. Jackson, who is also a passionate golfer carries a contract clause for all his movies that he will be allowed to play golf twice a week whenever he is shooting for a movie.
  • Just before 1957, Masters started Doug Ford predicted his win and also the score of 283 as well, and guess what? His prediction came true and Doug Ford won the tournament that year with exactly the same score and thus the Green Jacket.
  • At the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, almost 125, 000 balls get hit into the water surrounding the 17th hole. During the 2013 championship, 44 balls were lost. Sergio Garcia somehow managed quadruple bogey seven on that hole and lost two balls. Of course, he lost the tournament as well.
  • The left hand and legendary golfer Phir Mickelson is actually a right handed naturally. He used to image his father’s swing in the mirror and thus became a left handed golfer.
  • Normally a hole-in-one is possible only with par three holes. But what about making one in a par five hole? Yes, it has been done four times till now.
  • The former President of USA, Woodrow Wilson used to play golf even in snow with black golf balls.
  • On 6th February, 1971 Alan Shepard an Apollo 14 member hit a golf ball with a six iron. He had to swing it with one hand because of his pressure suit.
  • The famous singer who got fame from the Titanic song, Celine Dion is also and ardent golf fan not only that she owns a golf course as well which is situated in Terrebonne, Quebec in Canada. The name of the course is Le Mirage Golf Club.
  • In 1889 Ab Smith hit a shot and defined it as a “bird of a shot” and thus the terminology ‘birdie’ was found.
  • Richard Lewis holds the record for the most holes of golf played in one year. He played 11, 000 holes in all from 1st January to 31st December in the year 2010.
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