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Meet the Formula One Constructors

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The Formula One is as we all know, one of the most popular motorsports of the world. The FIA World Championship is one of the most followed sporting events on television and also on the grid as well. We have seen 22 cars racing with each other for so many laps almost every alternate week on our television screens. But if we are just a fan of Formula One Race then probably we do not care much about those Formula One cars which we see chasing each other nor we care much about the manufacturers or constructors of those cars, do we? So to know more about those manufacturers or constructors only we are presenting a special article on them. Just have a look and you will get the basic knowledge about the Formula One Constructors.

Meet the Formula One Constructors

List of Formula One Constructors Participated in 2014 Championship

  1. Caterham (Malaysia) – Engine: Renault
  2. Ferrari (France) – Engine: Ferrari
  3. Force India (India) – Engine: Mercedes
  4. Lotus (Great Britain) – Engine: Renault
  5. Marussia (Russia) – Engine: Ferrari
  6. McLaren (Great Britain) – Engine: Mercedes
  7. Mercedes (Germany) – Engine: Mercedes
  8. Red Bull (Austria) – Engine: Renault
  9. Sauber (Switzerland) – Engine: Ferrari
  10. Toro Rosso (France) – Engine: Renault
  11. Williams (Great Britain) – Engine: Mercedes

Distinction between Constructors and Teams in Formula One

Often people take the constructors and teams as the same term in the Formula One Racing. Actually these two terms are totally different and have no connection.

As per the FIA Sporting Regulations a person or even a corporate entity who is a constructor of an engine or chassis and the one who holds the intellectual rights to such engine or chassis is called the constructor and that constructor is awarded points as per the final standing position of his car after every successful race finished by it.

On the other side the Formula One team is the team which is in no way part of the manufacturing process of engine or chassis of the F1 car it is using for the race is called the team. For example teams like Force India and Lotus have not manufactured either the engine or the chassis but yet they buy a Formula One car either by giving an order to a manufacturer or outright purchase and participate in Formula One races.

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