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Various Taekwondo Protectors To Maintain Safety While Training Taekwondo

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Taekwondo is a very famous sport and people all around the world take part in it. We train in martial arts because it helps us to learn self-preservation skills. Injuries are extremely common when it comes to training in taekwondo. We can get bruised, cut, or hurt in our joints and bones because of jumping, kicking, and hitting. That is why quality taekwondo protectors are very important to protect us from injuries in different parts of our bodies.

Precaution is an extremely important part when it comes to training in taekwondo. Not just that, there are other things also which are necessary for being safe while training taekwondo. It is a form of awareness of the body’s condition. However, these things will not save you if you are new to the training. Therefore quality taekwondo protectors will ensure that you do not get hurt in the wrong places of the body.

Various Taekwondo Protectors

You need to wear various quality protective gear and equipment while training for taekwondo as this will prevent you from getting injured severely. Here is a list of quality taekwondo protectors that will help you in being safe and not getting hurt while training taekwondo:

Various Taekwondo Protectors

Taekwondo Chest Protector

Wearing a taekwondo chest protector which is also known as a hogu, is beneficial for you in not one but two ways. The first benefit can be guessed by its name itself. It protects you from getting hurt in your chest which can be painful and may even result in your ribs getting hurt. So a taekwondo chest protector will save your chest. Secondly, it will prevent your opponent from getting a point for taking you down with just a hard punch or kick in your torso area. So, wearing a taekwondo chest protector is necessary. 

Groin Guard 

Groin guard is another tool that comes under the list of quality taekwondo protectors. An opponent may accidentally kick you in the groin that might result in unbearable pain or even damage for a lifetime.

To help save yourself from such dangerous moments, a groin guard is something that is highly recommended to be worn. There are two types of groin guards- hard cups and soft cups. For taekwondo, hard cups are the most recommended ones as they provide full safety. These are used for other forms of sport as well.


You need to protect your skull which protects your brain while training taekwondo and headgear is the best thing that protects your head. They are padded gears that can effectively save your ears and head from the hard blows of your opponent and to avoid serious accidents in sports, headgear is a must. You have to maintain your body balance by keeping your brains functioning without enduring much pain in your head.

Taekwondo Mouth Guard 

A mouthguard is one of the must-have quality taekwondo protectors. It prevents you from losing a tooth or biting your tongue while in a match. There are two kinds of mouthguards and you must know which one you should use. The two different kinds of mouthguards are – the boil and bite mouthguard and the custom mouthguard. You need to use the boil and bite mouth guard for taekwondo. 

Taekwondo Foot Protectors

Taekwondo includes a lot of kicking. To save the foot from getting injured, one needs to wear a taekwondo foot protector so that the force of the kick does not cause a bruise on the foot or feet. The protectors are padded on the top to reduce shock and at the bottom, it is made of anti-slip material.

These are some of the important quality taekwondo protectors to save one from wounds and injuries while training in taekwondo. Be sure to have as many taekwondo protectors as possible so that you don’t end up getting severely injured. Learn martial arts in a safe way without injuring yourself. Stay strong physically as well as mentally!

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