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All About Axe Throwing Target

One of the important aspects of our life is nothing but sports. It is one of those things that helps us to rejuvenate and stay fit. Currently, there are several sports that one can choose from. But, one sport that is taking over the world is the one and only – Axe Throwing.

Earlier this sport was not so popular and almost lost its existence. But with time, it again got popular among people and now they all are loving it. With this popularity, people started coming up with axe throwing clubs where one can enjoy axe throwing with their friends and family.

With this, we come up with axe throwing targets that are quite similar to the darts where we have a backboard. These axe throwing targets are mostly similar in all the clubs. On the basis of these targets, one decides the points and finally the winner of the game. 

These axe throwing targets and backboards are made up of various types of woods. Here, we bring you a detailed blog on axe throwing targets and everything you need to know about the same.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and grab all the important information.

Let’s start,

What is Axe Throwing?

The term Axe Throwing refers to a target sport that is quite similar to throwing darts. Earlier it was not so popular and also lost its presence among people. But recently, it has become a rage among people. 

All About Axe Throwing Target

Further talking about Axe Throwing, here you’ll have to stand almost 10 to 12 feet behind the foul line and throw the axe. Into the target. Generally, the targets are categorized like in most of the sports such as highest points for the bulls eye and the lower points for further places where the axe lands. 

As and when the game ends, players do a total of all their throws and the one who scores highest wins it all. These are the basic rules, there might be some changes in them with regards to different places. 

What Is An Axe Throwing Target?

An axe-throwing target comes with a bulls-eye along with two larger rings around it. The diameters and the radii for the rings are:

Bullseye: 7 inches in diameter, 3.5-inch radius

First ring (red): 17 inches in diameter, 8.5 inch radius

Second ring (blue): 27 inches in diameter, 13.5 inch radius

What Is The Axe Throwing Target Height?

Watl Axe Throwing Target Dimensions

Target Rings 

  • First of all the centre of the bullseye is situated in the middle of the boards i.e. 2X10 . ( Imp Note: a 2×10 is actually 9 1/2 inches wide thereby making the centre 4 ⅝)
  • Secondly, a bullseye has a diameter of 7 inches. 
  • The first ring (the red one) measures 17″ inches in diameter
  • The second ring (the blue one) measures  27” inches in diameter. 
  • Furthermore, suppose if you’re measuring from the floor itself then the bullseye centre must be located at 63” inches from the floor. 
  • There are times when the Left or right side boards might be scaled upon different heights on the backboard in order to keep the knots away from the point areas. 
  • Whereas the side boards must always be scaled blank so that their heighted position does not put any impact on the location of the clutch or any other points. 


  • Foremost, a clutch always has a diameter of almost 2 5/8 inches.
  • Talking about the innermost edge of the clutch, it is situated at 4 ¼ inches from the seam between the side and centre, i.e. 2×10:
  • With this, the centre of the clutch sits at  5 ½ inches in from the seam whereas it is at 40 ¼ inches from the backboard’s base. 
  • When measured from the base of the backboard, the base of the clutch is at 39 inches. 

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How Often Do You Switch Out Targets?

The simple answer to this question is that one can switch out targets as often one needs to. There is no kind of restriction on this activity. Well, To be honest, it is quite a tough activity to keep running back and forth to take down the older targets and install the new ones. So, people make sure to use them as long as they last. 

To your surprise, when it comes to the quality of targets, the ones that have their wood beaten up and worn out are much better when compared to the brand new ones. The beaten and worn wood isn’t much firm due to which the axe head finds a better entry into the wood.

Well, this all just doesn’t end here, there’s more to it. Axe Throwing targets hold importance and are good to use only until the wood has not been worn out too much. Once you start to see the holes on the back of the target or the wood pieces start missing and the axe is not able to hold on to the target that is when you need to switch on to a new target. 

Such situations take place when there are too many people using the targets for axe throwing. These times are the weekends or when there is a party organized in the club. In most of the clubs, they keep a check on the targets that need replacement or the ones that might need some care to be taken of them. 

To save targets from being worn out, many people spray water on the targets. There are times when guests find it funny but it is important and is workable too. By spraying a bit of water on the target every now and then, you’ll be able to keep the wood softer and prevent it from becoming weaker. 

Not only that, but it also increases the life of your target and saves it from decaying as the softwood doesn’t splinter out and shred when compared to the dry wood. 

How Does The Target Scoring Work?

Generally, The axe throwing targets some with one bullseye, four rings, two special zones are known as the clutch. 

Here, we bring you a detailed explanation of each and every term mentioned here as follows:

The Bullseye

It is quite simple to know where the bullseye is situated, it is nowhere but at the centre of the target itself. If you have the capability to throw the axe straight and stick it to the orange part then you’ll earn a full six points. It is more than two points that you might earn if you just landed your axe at the outer part of the bullseye in the centre ring. Once you get the accuracy and understanding of these throws, then you’ll be able to earn points quite easily. 

The Rings

It is quite similar to playing darts as the target is right in front of you and is straightforward. The points are awarded on the basis of where your axe sticks on the ring. The points are as follows:  1, 2, 3, or 4. Most of the time, the axe head will be concealed in the wood after touching two different scoring rings. Whenever such a situation arises, the score will be the highest-valued ring that the axe head is touching, even if it’s just a little bit of it. 

The Clutch

Last but not the least, on the upper half of the target there are two little blue dots. One of them is situated on the upper-right side whereas the other ones are situated on the upper-left side. The two respective dots are known as the clutch. They are quite high on risk and are also a high-reward scoring area on the axe throwing target.

Suppose you manage to go for the clutch but miss it, then you are likely to score just one point or even a plain zero. But if you’re lucky enough to stick to the clutch then you’ll get a whopping ten points at once. 

Most of the experienced axe throwers try to hit the clutch constantly as it is much more rewarding. But not everyone has got the skill to really do it. There are times when you are at the last throw of the game and you’re really low at the scoreboard. This is the time when you’ll have no choice left but to go clutch and hold your position in the game. Opting to hit the clutch is one of the toughest but also one of the most rewarding experiences in the overall game of axe throwing. 

What Is The Best Wood For Axe Throwing Targets?

Here is some detailed information on various types of woods that would be the best option for your axe throwing targets.


Cottonwood is one of the softwoods that have the capability to last at least 3-7 times longer on the axe throwing targets. This type of wood is extremely softer, forgiving and comes back to shape in order to fill the gap whenever the axe has been removed from the backboard. 


Poplar wood is mostly used in making various furniture, wooden toys, and axe throwing backboards. It is one of those hardwoods that is quite easy to work as similar to the pine or all other soft words. This wood is quite popular for people opting for interior related work. 

Poplar wood is generally white/ivory in tone with green or brown streaks. It is quite uniform in texture and also straight grained. While talking about its density, it has a medium-density which allows it to paint and also glue to it. Due to all these characteristics, this wood has become one of the leading in the axe throwing market. 


Pine is also one of the softwoods and is quite softer than those hardwoods. It is a coniferous wood that is mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere. This wood is highly popular due to its wide use in manufacturing furniture, floors, and windows. 

To your surprise, there are more than 126 classified species of pine, under the Pinus genus. Pinewood is a great choice for the backboard of axe throwing targets.

Buy Axe Throwing Targets

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With axe throwing becoming an important sport out there, we hope this information will help you in knowing it better. If you have any questions regarding this sport or anything else, please feel free to write in the comments.


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