Friday, July 23, 2021

17 Important Facts about Equestrian Game

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Are you aware of these important facts about Equestrian? Well, your answer may be negative, if it then do read the article. If your answer in the affirmative, then for the sake of the love for the sport do read it again.

Important Facts about Equestrian Game

  1. Britain is the only nation that has won at least one Gold Medal in every Olympics in Equestrian.
  2. High Jump, Long Jump, Polo, and Vaulting are no longer part of the Olympic Equestrian.
  3. The 682 BC, there used to be a four-horse chariot race was organized at the Hippodrome in Greece’s 25th Olympiad.
  4. 1900 Paris Olympics, during Equestrian events, there were more athletes than spectators in the field.
  5. Equestrian finally made its debut in the Stockholm Olympics in Sweden in 1912.
  6. In the same Olympics, jumping up to 1.10m in height was also included in Dressage.
  7. There was no medal for the dressage team till the 1928 games.
  8. FEI overlooked the Equestrian in the Olympics in 1924 for the first time ever.
  9. On their home turf, German won all the Equestrian competitions in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  10. The oldest ever competitor to won a Dressage competition at the Olympics was Austria’s, Arthur von Pongracz. He was 72 when he won the medal in the 1936 games.
  11. The oldest woman to participate in Equestrian is Lorna Johnstone of Britain who took part in the 1972 Olympics when she was 70.
  12. Till the 1952 Olympics, only military officers participated in Equestrian.
  13. Two horses were dead in the 1968 Mexico Olympics and strict rules were laid for the health and security of horses since then there is no casualty of horses in the Olympics.
  14. In the 1956 Olympics, which were organized in Melbourne, Australia but Equestrian events were held in Stockholm in Sweden because of the strong quarantine rules in Australia.
  15. British Princess Anne was part of the British Equestrian team at the 1976 Olympic games held in Montreal, Canada.
  16. Alex Hua Tian is the first Olympic rider for China when he competed at the Beijing Olympics Equestrian.
  17. Drug rules were already applied in Equestrian events during the 1972 Munich Olympics, although no tests were taken.
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