The Great Federer – Nadal Rivalry


The game of tennis has seen many great rivalries and in the modern era the Federer – Nadal Rivalry is considered to be the greatest and the finest rivalries among all the others. The meeting between these two legends are so often that there is hardly a month gone without both of them playing against each other at least ones. The greatness of any player is counted by playing the big games in the grand slams, which starts from the quarter final levels and these two have been often found playing in all grand slam tournament semi finals, if not the finals. Although Nadal is leading this ten year old rivalry in the grand slam semis it is not that Federer is any lesser player.

Both Federer and Nadal are the only players, if paired together, have finished six consecutive calendar years at the top two ranks in the official ATP Rankings. This happened from 2005 till 2010. They both have shared 211 weeks at No. 1 and No. 2 from July 2005 till August 2009.

Nadal is leading Federer currently with 13 out of 15 encounters they had on the clay courts. Federer is trailing behind Nadal 2-3 on grass courts and on hard courts Nadal is leading Federer by 9-6. However, Federer has 4-1 lead over Nadal in the Indoor hard court games, whereas Nadal is leading Federer by 8-2 in the outdoor hard court surfaces.

In the Grand slam tournaments too Nadal has a significant lead over Federer till the latest data is updated. Here is how both of them have flared in grand slams.

Australian Open –   Nadal leads 3-0

French Open – Nadal leads 5-0

Wimbledon – Federer leads 2-1

US Open – They have yet to meet face to face.

In Grand Slam Finals: Nadal leads 6-2

Overall: Nadal – 9; Federer 2

On court and outside court relationship between Federer and Nadal

They may be a fierce rivals on the court, but they have always maintained a good and gracious relationship with each other whether its on court or off the court. We know both of them are highly competitive and they do not give an inch while playing against each other, but at the same time they command a huge respect for each other while playing the game as well. They do criticize each other’s game after a particular game is over in a press conference, but they have never hit each other ‘below the belt’.

In 2010 they both jointly organized ‘Match for Africa’ in Zurich, Switzerland and then in Madrid. The motive of these matches were for the benefit of children living in the African continent.


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