Know Everything about Cave Diving


In today’s article on Adventure Sports, you will know almost everything about Cave Diving. Cave Diving is an adventure sport which has a huge popularity in Europe and America. In this article we will know what exactly the Cave Diving is and what are its hazards. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a Cave Diving!!

Know Everything about Cave Diving

What is Cave Diving?

Cave Diving many times is mistaken as ‘Scuba Diving’ but it is totally a different adventure sport, although there is some similarity in the dressing or equipment in Cave Diving as well as Scuba Diving. Cave Diving is an underwater dive in the underwater caves which should be at least partially filled with the water. Cave Diving needs plenty of technical knowledge as unlike Scuba Diving it doesn’t have that free space for diving and it often becomes the case for decompression of a cave diver. Because of having such extreme hazards there are very less takers for Cave Diving than for the Scuba Diving. Let us know what kind of hazards the cave diving is attached to and what kind of safety measures one should take when he or she is attempting a cave diving.

Hazards and Safety Measures while Attempting Cave Diving

First of all, while attempting a cave diving, we must know that there will be a less space both at length and at height as the caves are not at all unending. So the divers need to swim within the limitations of the area which is provided to him or her. There is also a possibility that the exit point is at a very long distance so the diver must take enough breathing gas with him.

If a cave diver goes for a deeper penetration than he may find it difficult to see anything because of lack of sunlight. Apart from sunlight there are contents like silt, mud, clay and sand in most of the caves which may further reduce his visibility so having a water resistant torch is a good idea.

Some of the caves are without any spring or current but some of the caves do have currents with both inflow and outflow of water. A diver who is already in an alien territory doesn’t know how strong the spring flow is hence he may be in the danger of drowning or any other problem related to it, hence to have a proper guidance about every cave is advised.

The last but not the least and certainly the most important advise is that do not attempt cave diving without taking any proper training and without taking any facilities with you. Cave Diving is one of the most dangerous sports of the world and many people have lost their lives by attempting Cave Diving. So listen to the expert carefully and follow their advice religiously and take all the necessary equipments with you advised by those experts.

Wishing you an adventurous and safe Cave Diving!!