Volleyball is one of those unique sports of the world which have a very short but impressive history. Very few people know that like Basketball and Baseball, Volleyball too was invented in the United States of America and later it travelled across the globe and became popular. Volleyball is one of the most played sports in schools because it is easy to understand, but yet it keeps on challenging the players.

Volleyball Information: What to know about Volleyball

When was Volleyball Invented

Volleyball has a fact and history of 119 years. In the year 1985, William G. Morgan, who was a sports instructor in YMCA at Massachusetts, invented the game of Volleyball. Morgan wanted to invent a game which has elements of Basketball, Tennis, Baseball and Handball and a fast pace with little physical contact. Volleyball was initially called “mintonette” but when Morgan observed that the players often use volley to earn points from back and forth over the net, he renamed the name with ‘Volleyball’. The first-ever official game of Volleyball was played at the Springfield College in Massachusetts on 7th of July, 1896.

Some Interesting & Fun Facts about Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most widely played sports all over the world that is enjoyed by both men and women. It is also among the most played school sports as it challenges the players both physically and mentally. Here are some interesting facts about the sport of volleyball.

  • Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan who created a new game known as Mintonette that had elements of Tennis, Basketball, Handball and Baseball. Since the players mostly used volleys to earn points as they moved the ball back and forth, the game quickly earned the name of volleyball.
  • The first official game of Volleyball ever to be played was held at Springfield College in Massachusetts on July 7th, 1896.
  • The first 2-man beach volleyball game was actually played in the year 1930.
  • The first Volleyball World Championships were organized for men in 1949 and for women in 1952.
  • The game of volleyball was introduced for the first time in the Olympics in the year 1964.
  • The first specially designed ball made for the sport of volleyball was created in the year 1900.
  • Most players in a volleyball match jump around 300 times in a particular game.
  • The longest recorded game of volleyball was played in Kingston, North Carolina. The game went on for 75 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Volleyball is currently the 2nd most popular form of sport in the world today and is exceeded only by the game of soccer.
  • A game of volleyball is played by two teams each having six players.
  • While the list of volleyball facts, rules and regulations associated with the sport is extensive, the basic rules imply that the players are supposed to prevent the ball from hitting the ground on their own court by only touching the ball three times albeit by different players.
  • Faults are calculated on double hits by a single player, four consecutive hits at the same time, touching the net while playing, throwing the ball after catching it and the foot crossing the boundary line while playing.
  • Beach volleyball is a more glamorous version of the court game and is usually played by 3 or 4 players on a given side. The game of beach volleyball was included as part of the Olympics from the year 1996 for both men as well as women.
  • During a match held in the Philippines in 1916, the notable skills of spike and set were originated.
  • Volleyball was presented as an unofficial sports event in the 1924 Paris Olympics.
  • The FIVB or Fédération Internationale de Volleyball was founded in 1947 which made volleyball an official game.
  • The first professional tournament of beach volleyball was held at the Will Rogers State Beach in summer of 1976. It was known as the “Olympia World Championship of Beach Volleyball”.
  • Volleyball is a highly popular sport among men and women of all ages since it is a great form of workout.
  • More than 800 million people all over the world and 46 million people in America play the game of volleyball every week.

Basic Rules of Volleyball

Like any other sport, Volleyball too has a long list of rules and regulations, but to make it short, we can say that it is a game which is played between two teams of six players separated by a net. A player on one of the team begins by serving the ball from behind of the back boundary line into the receiving team’s court. The receiving team must not let the ball touch the ground and return it to the opposing team in 3 tries at the max. An individual player is not allowed to touch the ball twice consecutively. The ball can be played either bypassing or releasing with a volley. No player in any condition is allowed to touch the net. A team who reaches 25 points first with a difference of two points wins the set.

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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a glamorous version of Volleyball. It is as competitive as the original game is. It was started in the 1920s in Santa Monica in California. Beach Volleyball consists of 3 to 4 players. The game became an instant hit and was included in the 1996 Olympics for both men and women categories.



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