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Best Male Volleyball Players

Nowadays, there are tons of great players. But can you compare them to the best players of all time? For sure some are exceptional and soon they will be on this list. Who are they going to join?

Today, we’re going to meet the greatest Male Volleyball Players ever by FIVB (Some of these best volleyball players may not be part of the FIVB list, please note)

Famous Male Volleyball Players

Charles ‘Karch’ Kiraly

Nationality: American / USA
DOB: 3 November 1960

Best Men Volleyball Players

Charles Frederick “Karch” Kiraly commonly known as Karch Kiraly is a former American volleyball player and is considered as the best ever men volleyball player. He could play both indoor and outdoor Volleyball with equal masterful control. Charles Kiraly is a three time olympics gold medalist and a World Championship winner. After retirement Kiraly coached the US Women’s National Team where he led them to win the FIVB World Championship by defeating China in the finals.

Lorenzo Bernardi

Nationality: Italian / Italy
DOB: 11 August 1968

Best Male Volleyball Players

Lorenzo Bernardi is a former Italian volleyball player and also a former head coach of the National Team. Bernardi started his carrer in the 1980s as a setter and made his international debut on May 27, 1987. With the national team, Lorenzo Bernardi has won 2 World Championship, a World Cup, 2 European Championship, and 5 World Leagues. Lorenzo has also won a silver medal when he represented Italy in the 1996 Olympics. Before retiring from the national team Lorenzo played 306 times in “Azzurri” colours.

Hugo Conte

Nationality: Argentina
DOB: 14 April 1963

Best Male Volleyball Players

Hugo Nestor Conte or Hugo Conte is a former Argentine volleyball player and is currently the head coach of Volley Cavriago in Italy. Conte represented the national team in three summer olympics and was also considered as the symbol of pride for Argentina in the volleyball courts for over 16 years. Hugo was well respected as one of the most intelligent and the best all-rounders in the world. While playing for Argentina, Hugo has two bronze medals in World Championship and Olympic Games under his name.

Renan Dal Zotto

Nationality: Brazilian / Brazil
DOB: July 19, 1960

Famous Men Volleyball Players

Renan Dal Zotto is a former Brazilian volleyball player and is currently the head coach of the Brazil Men’s National Volleyball Team. Dal Zotto is one of the greatest indoor players to play for the Brazilian National Team. He made his debut for the national team at the age of 16 in 1976. With the national team Renan Dal Zotto has won an Olympics silver medal, silver medal in World Championship, and a gold medal in Pan American Games.

Katsutoshi Nekoda

Nationality: Japanese / Japan
DOB: February 1, 1944

Famous Volleyball Players

Katsutoshi Nekoda was a former Japanese volleyball player who represented Japan in 1964, 1968, 1972, and 1976 Olympics. In his Olympics run for the national team, Katsutoshi won 3 Olympic medals out of the four he played where he won a bronze medal in 1964, a silver medal in 1968, and a gold medal in the 1972 Olympics. Katsutoshi played as a setter for the Japanese Men’s National Team. Unfortunately, he died at an age of 39 due to stomach cancer in 1983.

Josef Musil

Nationality: Czech / Czech Republic
DOB: 3 July 1932

famous men volleyball player

Josef Musil is one of the famous volleyball players who played for the Czech Republic in the early 1950s to late 1960s. He joined Czechoslovakian National Team at an age of nineteen which ignited his career. With Czechoslovakian National Team Josef won two silvers and gold at the World Championships, two gold medals at the European Championships, and a bronze and a silver at the Olympic Games. Musil was also named as “Merited Master of Sport” at that time period by the former Czechoslovakian authorities and is also known as the highest honor bestowed upon the athletes.

Konstantin Reva

Nationality: Russia, Soviet Union
DOB: 10 April 1921

Best Male Volleyball Players

Konstantin Kuzmich Reva was a Soviet Union volleyball player who dominated international men’s volleyball in the late 1940s and early 1950s. After finishing school in 1940, Reva was called up for military service and played his first international match for the USSR in the 1949 World Championship. While playing for USSR Reva has won two gold and a bronze medal in World Championship, and two European Championship gold medals. Reva used to play as a blocker for the Soviet Union volleyball team and was also an exceptional all-rounder.

Tomasz Wójtowicz

Nationality: Polish / Poland
DOB: 22 September 1953

Best Male Volleyball Players

Tomasz Grzegorz Wojtowicz is a former Polish International who played for Poland Volleyball National Team. He made his debut for the national team in 1973. Tomas has won one Olympic gold medal, one gold medal in the world championship, and four silver medals in European Championship.


Nationality: Brazilian / Brazil
DOB: 23 December 1976

Best Male Volleyball Players

Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho commonly known as Giba is a former professional Brazilian volleyball player who played as an outside hitter. In the 2000s, Giba was regarded as one of the best volleyball players. Giba debuted for Brazil at an age of 18 in 1995 and played for the national team till the 2012 Olympics. While playing for the national team Giba has 1 Olympics gold medal and has won 3 World Championships, 2 World Cups, 3 World Grand Champions Cup, and many more. In 2016, Giba was selected as the president of the FIVB athletes commission.

Phil Dalhausser

Nationality: American / USA
DOB: 26 January 1980

Best Male Volleyball Players

Philip “Phil” Peter Dalhausser, known as Phil Dalhausser is an American professional beach volleyball player who plays as a blocker. While playing for the United States, Dalhausser has a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics, has won a World Championship, and has 4 World Tour gold medals.


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