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All You Want To Know About Skiing

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Introduction Of Skiing

Skiing is an adventure sport which normally been played on snow with the participants attach specially designed skis with their shoes on their feet and then they travel on the top of the snow. Apart from adventure sports and fun skiing is also used by the military in many countries across the world who have borders on ice tops of mountains. Skiing is an important sport in Winter Olympics and it has been recognized by both the International Olympic Committee and International Ski Federation.

All You Want To Know About Skiing

History Of Skiing

Till 1860 Skiing was used only for the purpose of transport in snowy areas but after 1860 it was recognized as recreation activity and later it became competitive also. The most accurate information about Skiing suggests that the Skiing was originated in Norway and Sweden. The oldest date of Skiing takes us to 5000 BC and it suggests that people used only one pole for it in the Rodoy, the Nordland region of Norway. In Sweden it was started way back from 4500 or 2500 BC. People used to use 85cm long piece of wood to surf on the ice.

The word ‘Ski’ also has the Norwegian origin and then it was adopted by other languages also. The word Ski has come from the Old Norse word ‘Skio’ which means “split piece of wood or firewood”.

The first ever Skii Club was formed in 1861 in Kiandra, Australia. The first ever Skiing competition was held in Tromso, Norway on 19th March 1843. This was first ever competition which was covered by a newspaper.

Types of Skiing

There are two types of and they are called Alpine and Nordic. Even these two categories of Skiing have a few sub-categories as well.


In other words, it is called the downhill skiing. The Alpine skiing typically it takes place at a ski resort or at a dry slope. This style of Skiing was originated in the Alps (Europe) which can be identified by Skier having a fixed-heel binding which are attached at both the toe and the heel of the skier’s shoes. The sub-categories of Alpine are

  • Freestyle
  • Heliskiing
  • Slalom, Giam Slalom, Super – G, Downhill, Disabled Skiing


This is a cross-country or backcountry skiing and it is the oldest form of skiing and it was developed in Scandinavia, mostly for the purpose of traveling over the snow. The Skier uses free heel bindings that are  attached to the toes of the skier’s shoes but not at his heels. The sub-categories of Nordic are..

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Telemark
  • Ski touring
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Ski-flying and Ski Jumping
  • Skijorning      
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