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All about Chambers Bay Golf Course

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In our article series dedicated to various golf courses around the world, today we are going to discuss the Chambers Bay Golf Course which is situated in Washington, US. Let us know more about it.

All about Chambers Bay Golf Course

All about Chambers Bay Golf Course

The Chambers Bay Golf Course is a public golf course situated in University Palace, Washington on the Puget Sound which is south-west of Tacoma. If the Chambers Bay Golf Course may remind you of a certain Scottish golf course then you must give the due credit to its designer Robert Trent Junior.

Basic Details about Chambers Bay Golf Course

The golf course was established on 23rd June 2007 and it has been owned by the Pierce County and operated by Kemper Sports. The Chambers Bay Golf Course has 18 holes and the biggest tournament it has hosted till now is the US Amateur Golf Championship. But in 2015 it is going to host one of the major golf tournaments of the world the US Open. At that time the golf course will certainly get all the attention it probably has not got in last 7 years. The official website of the Chambers Bay Golf Course is where you will get all the details if you are already planning for the 2015 US Open.

More about Chambers Bay Golf Course

This golf course is spread across 250 acres. The Pierce County bought the land for this course at US$ 33 million in 1992 at the time when this place was full of sand and gravel quarry and was used by the off road tour and four wheeler dirt bikers. While during the construction process about 1.4 million cubic yards of dirt and sand (which was similar to 100, 000 truckloads) was removed from the site and finally it was cleaned up. Even then it was still meant as mine so the construction work went with few restrictions.

The course is owned by the municipality and the Pierce County members get the access to the course at discounted rates. The course mainly is for the walkers only and caddies are available only with prior permissions.

Names of Different Holes at the Chambers Bay Golf Course

  1. Puget Sound
  2. Foxy
  3. Blown Out
  4. Hazard’s Ascent
  5. Free Fall
  6. Deception Point
  7. Humpback
  8. High Road Low Road
  9. Olympus
  10. High Dunes
  11. Shadows
  12. The Narrows
  13. Eagle Eye
  14. Cape Fear
  15. Lone Fir
  16. Beached
  17. Derailed
  18. Tahoma
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