Tuesday, February 7, 2023

All about Ice Climbing you Always Want to Know

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Any adventure sport is a spine chilling experience, but what when you are involved in a adventure sport with ice around you? Won’t it be a doubly spine chilling experience? We believe it will be for sure and hence we have brought some of the interesting information about Ice Climbing.

All about Ice Climbing you Always Want to Know

Ice climbing is an activity to ascend on inclined ice formations on various hills or mountains naturally. But now a days apart from hills or mountains, the ice climbing is also tried on various icefalls or frozen waterfalls, cliffs and rock slabs covered with plenty of ice which is frozen from the flows of water and even an indoor ice climbing has been offered in the various parts of the world.

Ice climbing has been separated in two distinctive parts. These two parts are Alpine Ice and Water Ice. The Alpine ice is generally found in a mountain environment and it requires a big approach to reach and its sole intention is to climb the mountain and to reach the summit of that mountain.

Whereas in the Water ice climbing its normally found on a cliff of other outer extension of a water flows. Alpine ice is frozen ice and can be hard normally where as the water ice is a frozen liquid which has been turned into an ice due to frozen temperatures in extreme winter conditions. Although Alpine ice is more popular yet water ice climbing is taken largely as a challenge.

There are different kinds of ice climbing within it as well. It all depends on what kind of an ice is on the offer. As we know the ice can be soft, hard, brittle or tough. Where there is all possibilities of all these types of ice, it is called the Mixed climbing.

The other types of ice climbing are

  • Aid
  • Big Wall
  • Bouldering
  • Buildering
  • Competition
  • Crack
  • Deep Water Solo
  • Face
  • Free
  • Free Solo
  • Ice
  • Indoor
  • Lead
  • Mixed
  • Mountain
  • Rock
  • Roap
  • Roaped Solo
  • Slab
  • Solo
  • Speed
  • Sport
  • Top Rope
  • Trad
  • Tree

Apart from these popular types of ice climbing there are plenty of techniques, protecting gears, grades and may other things involved in ice climbing. For that wait for our next article on ice climbing.

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