Kabaddi is an ancient Indian sport and it has been very popular almost everywhere in India. On the day when this low-key sport is getting popular, we are giving our readers a brief introduction to Kabaddi!

How to play Kabaddi (Introduction)

Kabaddi often seen as one of the ancient wrestling sport. The word Kabaddi has come from a Tamil word, Kai-pidi which means “holding hands”. Kabaddi is popular not only in India but it is a National Game of Bangladesh as well. Most of the Indian states do play this game, but it is far more popular in the villages of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Many of these states even call Kabaddi as ‘Hu Tu Tu’.

How to Play Kabaddi

Kabaddi Game Rules (Information)

To understand the game of Kabaddi is very simple. It is a seven a side game where one player from one side chants kabaddikabaddi..kabaddi..” and enter’s the opposition’s half and tries to touch at least one player of the opposition so that he can go back to his own half safely. On the other hand, all of the seven players try to stop that opposition player to go back to his half safely by trying to grab him and keep him under their control till he loses his breath. If a player touches the opposition player and returns to his half safely then not only the player whom he has touched is out but he can make a player alive from his own side who had been out before him, just in case.

International Competitions

  • Kabaddi World Cup: India has come out winners when two different kinds of Kabaddi world cups were held by two different organizers.
  • World Kabaddi League: It is based on Formula 1 and it will be played between August and December 2014 where teams will travel across four continents. The Bollywood actors have purchased a few of the WKL teams.
  • Apart from these two, a Pro-Kabaddi competition or league is also starting in India in which players from various countries are involved.

Kabaddi Federations around the World

  • The Asian Kabaddi Federation – AKF
  • The Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation – AAKF
  • The Kabaddi Federation of India – KFI
  • Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India – AKFI
  • Pakistan Kabaddi Federation – PKF
  • The Bangladesh Amateur Kabaddi Federation –BAKF
  • The Iran’s Amateur Kabaddi Federation – IAKF
  • The England Kabaddi Federation UK – EKF

Other Nations in which Kabaddi is popular: Chinese Taipei, Nepal, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, and Canada.



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