Best 5 destinations for Sky Diving


Skydiving itself is enough to thrill you, but if it is done above a perfect ambiance.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The best height you may ever get if you are so enthusiastic about a sky diving. The skydive from Sao Paulo, Brazil is a drop of about 15, 000 feet and it will cost  you around 200 Euros. If you are scared of height then you can also go for a 10, 000 foot drop which will cost you around 180 Euros only. The early morning jump here is the best thing you can ever imagine!

Mount Everest, Nepal

Well Mount Everest is associated with the term going up, but it also provides you the facility to come down as well and that too with a freefall skydive. Perhaps the place you could have never seen before. The skydiving here is allowed twice a year. It may cost you more than a usual skydive but then diving from the mountain which is next to the highest mountain of the world can thrill you the most! The usual cost here is around US $ 35, 000. Even if you don’t want to jump and yet want to be at the place, then you still need to pay US $ 5000.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland is not only one of the beautiful countries of the world, but it is also regarded as a heaven on earth. Just imagine you are doing skyjumping here with wearing a surfboard under your feet? Just the imagination can make you thrilled right?

Kamchatka, Russia

Have you ever imagined yourself skydiving over an active volcano? Well its not easy, even to imagine it, but many people do that at Kamchatka in Russia.

Airlie Beach, Australia

Australia is gifted with a few of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hovering over ArlieBeach while skydiving can give you an awesome feeling. This beach has a mixture of blue water, forests and clouds if you want to dive from a big height.

Apart from above five more best place for skydivings are Hawaii Islands, Namib Dessert in Namibia, Jumeira in Dubai, Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and Diani Beach in Kenya.
Happy Skydiving!!


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